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My Favorite Job:

Mom to Lovey

Building a legacy for my little one is a constant reminder of why I eagerly do this work for others. For every business that survives, a family has an opportunity to thrive on their terms.


I am so passionate about equipping small businesses, and individuals, with the clarity and strategy of foundational brand building, because businesses are built by humans for humans.


Branding is the human connection to your cashflow. The profit from that cashflow feeds, frees up, and flourishes the lives of all those connected.


My heart is for families. For me, this work is personal.

Brand Personality - Londi Lew

Now, that doesn’t mean that we were living a life of riches and fame.


In fact, it was always a beautiful balance of maintaining and sustaining.


I learned early on the realities and hardships of business ownership. I understood that every month was, in a sense, a financial gamble for a small business owner’s family. One month you could have it, and the next could be a totally different story.


This was never about the quality of service. Truthfully, the work my family's company provided was stellar. 


Our family’s business was highly referred, but something was clearly missing for consistency... 

Fast forward a few years.


I kind of stumbled my way into a corporate brand career. It had to be a God thing because none of it was on my radar to pursue. 


I worked my way from my first professional experience with a major brand, as a model for a campaign shoot. I then became a regional merchandising coordinator, and eventually landed a marketing management position for one of the top 3 FMCG brands in the world!


It was never my intention to climb a corporate ladder of any kind. But, I'm grateful for the sense to have seen it through. However, I will always credit my professional growth, of any kind, to being reared by self-employed parents. It taught me to be a self-starter and a self-thinker in all environments. That has made all the difference.


It also helped that I have always had a love for business and I was naturally nosey! I researched, asked questions, and studied as much about the companies that I’d worked for as much as I could in my free time.


I traded my younger years of dating, traveling, and frivolous spending for tickets to business conferences, trainings, books, and pulling self-imposed all-nighters. I would research all the things that piqued my interest in business. I paid attention to the dialogue in meetings beyond the scope of my role, and I would make notes of the things I didn’t understand to go back and study later.


I absorbed everything regarding mega brand building from the lingo to the rollout. And finally, I'd learned what was missing in so many small businesses, like my family’s... 

Londi Lew - Brand Consultant
Londi Lew - Brand Experiential Marketing
Remodeling company - home renovations

Here's How I Got Here

Self-employment has been the livelihood of my family and the foundation of my upbringing.


Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and beyond-- I only saw those in my family owning their own time and making a living by doing what they were each gifted to do.


Helping out in the home office, riding with my dad to work sites, and daily trips to the local Office Max, where all the staff knew my entire family by name, was my normal. I loved every moment of it.


Most days ended up as a “take your kid to work” day.


Investment in the quality of services and products keeps you in business. Investment in the strategy and branding of your business will keep you in demand. FREEDOM and PROFITABILITY are in the demand.

It was like a lightbulb went off in my head!


This is the part that so many small businesses were missing. You’re working so hard in your business to stay afloat, that you’re rarely ever prioritizing working on your business to truly grow.


This is why over 50% of small businesses fail by year 5 and over 70% by year 10. This is also why major corporations dedicate massive budgets and full departments to this sector of the business alone.

Branding dictates the dollar for ALL businesses, big or small.


And THIS is where I felt my purpose was born.

I felt it deep in my soul.

I realized that it was no accident that I'd learned how to strategically do this on a corporate level and I'd actually lived the nuances of small business. The solution of bridging the corporate strategies to small business owners became a no brainer for me.

Londi Lew - Brand Consultant / Strategist
Londi Lew - Brand Consultant Workshop and Panel
Londi Lew - Women in Business

I made it my mission to teach small businesses, the very basics of branding principles and strategic planning.


I knew that it would provide them with a solid foundation for their companies to sustain themselves and thrive.


I knew that it would provide more families with a source of freedom, financial stability, and ownership of their time.


And our communities are better served by brands that keep the values of their consumer in mind.

It wasn't easy, but this is how I got here. This is my purpose.


Starts Here

...and your business deserves it!

Levitating Objects


Let's give your company the opportunity to thrive with impactful movement.

Vital Analysis and Evaluation

Beauty Magazine


Let's take some dedicated time to discuss your ideal next steps, and if working with me is right for you. 

Individualized Strategic Plans

Holding a Book


Let's build a solid brand from the foundation up. A brand that is purposefully and profitably sound.

Foundation First

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